About Us


Bravo-Alpha Technologies LLC, (BATL). We are an 8(a) set aside / Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Our team is dedicated to providing great quality IT services and innovative consulting to solve some of the most challenging industry technical problems. We will always strive to be at the tip of the spear, leading the battle in adjusting to disruptive technology and cyber security issues. Thanks for choosing BATL to represent your organization. 

Our Mission


Bravo Alpha Technologies inspires public sector organizations to produce mission-critical solutions. We use proven software and systems engineering methods, cyber security, and data analytics resulting in our customers reaching their business goals.

We “work efficiently and produce innovative solutions” with our clients, using a combination of our depth of software development, breadth of cyber security experience

Services & Solutions


Bravo Alpha Technologies provides services and solutions to customers with a variety of challenging objectives. Our team has experience with, and is actively involved in all phases of the software development lifecycle, cyber security, and data analytics. Our team is also experienced in massive scaled environments and collaborating in small mission focused teams.

What We Do

Cyber & Network Analysis

Protecting one of your most valuable assets (Data), BATL provides highly experienced cyber professionals with the necessary skills to maintain the security of your systems. We provide top notch Cyber & Network Analyst and provide Pen Testing services to continuously allow you to maintain your system’s secure posture.

Software & Systems Engineering

Whether you are starting up a project or managing changes that require IT solutions or systems automation, BATL can provide highly qualified teams to address your system needs and develop innovative software that meets your organizations needs. At BATL, our goal is to keep our clients at the forefront of the ever changing technological environment .

Cloud Services & Data Analytic

In a world where data is plentiful, organizations find themselves overwhelmed with managing data needs. Our team will provide cloud services, harvest data, and render your data in ways that will provide data integration to your day to day challenges. 

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